The mission of the ATLab is to provide assessment and training in use of assistive technology in an effort to facilitate community integration and improve quality of life. Our vision is to create an environment that will promote the use of technology among people with disabilities and ensure that individual needs are matched with appropriate technology.

To achieve our mission and vision, we adopted the following approach for fostering technology use among disabled: 1) encourage access to technology, 2) increase participation in the use of technology, and 3) improve function and health. We believe that assessment and training in our ATLab are crucial for achieving the first two critical steps.

Assessments and training are available free of charge to all patients who receive care at Methodist Rehab Center and our Specialty Care Center.

The ATLab calls upon staff Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and neurosychologists for their input. Additional support for the interface of wheelchair and adaptive computing devices is provided by MRC’s Assistive Technology Clinic and the Biomedical Engineering Department, including custom-made adaptations.

Facility and Equipment

The current Assistive Technology Lab started as an Adaptive Computing Lab in 2008 with a $30,000 Excelerator Grant from AT&T. The capabilities were greatly enhanced in 2010 after the expansion of hardware and software with a $37,500 grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

In 2012, the Lab moved in new space on the 6 th floor of MRC. Tripling the size provided the opportunity to expand the scope of the Lab and to include more AT options.

The Assistive Technology Lab features:

 Adaptive Computing workstations

  • multiple computer platforms: Windows and Mac, iPad, desktops, laptops
  • 5 variable height computer workstations
  • 100+ adaptive and alternative keyboards and mice
  • 50+ adaptive software programs and apps

Physical input orthotics; handsticks, mouthsticks and headsticks; conductive othotics for iDevices

90+ switches

Mounting devices for tables and wheelchair, rolling mounts

Adaptive telephones

Ergonomic equipment

Environmental Control Units (ECUs)

Adaptive and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and software

Power wheelchairs with Integrated Controls



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"Grant funds improvements for adaptive computing lab"

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