The lab is directed by John W. Chow, Ph.D.

The lab is approximately 1,400 sq. ft., designed for comprehensive assessment of human motion and assessment of treatment outcomes.

The lab is equipped with:

  • 12 Eagle infrared digital cameras (Motion Analysis Corp.) wall mounted and dedicated to gait analysis using Cortex software for data recording and processing.
  • 2 systems for surface recording of muscle activation: a wireless 16-channel EMG-accelerometer system (Trigno, Delsys Inc.); a wired EMG system (Motion Lab System, Baton Rouge, LA) with 2 sets of amplifiers (10 and 16 channels) and 16 dedicated pre-amp electrodes. Both systems are portable. 
  • 5 force plates (Bertec) built into raised floor for measuring ground reaction force/moment during gait or center of pressure during balance assessment.
  • 2 electronic walkways (Zeno 20x4ft, GAITRite 16x3ft) for temporo-spatial gait analysis based on timing and locations of footfalls with dedicated data collection and analysis software (PKMAS, GAITRite).
  • 2 video camcorders for recording front and side views of a person walking for qualitative analysis.
  • An isokinetic dynamometer (Biodex) for assessment of voluntary or involuntary force production in either isometric or isokinetic mode.
  • An examination table with side rails and hydraulic height adjustment for assessing subjects.
  • A ceiling lift (660lb capacity) for safe transfers to/from the exam table and different devices.
  • Custom-made equipment designed and produced by our Biomedical Engineering Department.