The lab opened in 2017 and is approximately 1,600 sq. ft., designed for conducting research on mechanisms underlying restoration of locomotor and upper extremity functions and clinical applications of rehabilitation robotics.

The lab is equipped with:

  • A LokomatPro FreeD (Hocoma Inc.) is a robotic gait orthosis with recently introduced active pelvic module that allows lateral translation and transverse rotation of the pelvis during treadmill walking. The device is equipped with both static and dynamic body weight support, while the robotic gait orthosis can provide variable assistance during treadmill walking.  The device can either record hip and knee joint torques and angles or provide live data during treadmill walking, which can be synced with other data collection systems (e.g. EMG). The device can also provide visual feedback of the torque produced at each hip and knee joint and augmented feedback during therapeutic gaming exercise.  Additional goniometric and dynamometric assessment tools are also available.
  • An ArmeoPower with ManovoPower (Hocoma Inc.) is a robotic upper extremity orthosis with an actuated hand module that provides assistance as needed to complete reach and grasp exercises in a 3D workspace.  The device has the ability to measure and record torques and movements during exercise. The device’s “record and playback” mode can be used to generate standardized movements by the robot that subjects can track. Several assessment tools are also built into the software. 
  • An ArmeoSpring upper extremity exoskeleton and ErigoPro robotic tilt-table with FES (Hocoma Inc.) are available for research either in the therapy gyms or in the NeuroRobotics Lab.
  • 8 Hawk infrared digital cameras (Motion Analysis Corp.) with a wall-mounting set-up that allows fast and easy installation either in LokomatPro area for gait analysis during non-robotic treadmill walking or ArmeoPower area for arm/upper body motion analysis.
  • An 80-channel A-D board for simultaneous recording of inputs from multiple devices with all wires running through walls and ceiling for convenience and safety.
  • An examination table with side rails and hydraulic height adjustment for assessing subjects.
  • A ceiling lift (660lb capacity) for safe transfers to/from the exam table and different devices.